Dear Resident,

Thank you for taking the time to read my Fall 2015 newsletter!

This has been the busiest and most challenging year I have experienced on the Wayne County Commission - best characterized by a steady stream of desperate measures driven by the results of countywide financial audits, the realistic threat of insolvency and true potential for a state takeover, all possible if the Commission failed to make some very difficult but critical decisions.

For the past several years, I warned the former administration that this day of reckoning would surely come, if they didn't change the way they did business. But year after year, nothing changed. The only influence the legislative branch has over day-to-day operations is through the budget process, and I expressed my dismay by voting against their proposed budgets for four consecutive years. However, I am only one of 15, and every year their budget was approved by the majority of the Commission.

In my last newsletter, I described how the poor economic conditions cost the county over $100 million annually in property tax revenue, and how the lack of leadership, failure to reorganize, ongoing corruption, unrealistic budgets, constant litigation and poorly designed deficit elimination plans were setting us up for bankruptcy. Sure enough in 2015, the proverbial "wolf" was at the door.

The good news is, that you voted for change in the county's executive office and under the leadership of new County Executive Warren C. Evans, a lot has changed. In this newsletter, I will highlight many of those changes, the positive impact on our bottom line, the tremendous sacrifices made and my concerns for the future.

Included will be an update on roads and parks improvements throughout the district and programs and services that are currently available to Wayne County residents. I will then share upcoming events and opportunities of interest and list my new committee assignments and office hours on the back page.

In closing, thank you again for the honor of representing you on the Wayne County Commission. If I can be of service to you, your family or place of business, please do not hesitate to call my office.

As always, I remain, sincerely yours,

Diane L. Webb
Wayne County Commissioner, District 8