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SCADA System Standards

There are Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems in place for some elements of Wayne County storm water and wastewater transport and treatment facilities operated by the FMD.

It is desired that all improvements to FMD storm water and wastewater transport and treatment facilities be consistent with and ready for integration into the SCADA system installed at the Downriver Wastewater Treatment Facility in 2010. All SCADA systems improved or implemented at FMD storm water and wastewater transport and treatment facilities must must be completed using Wayne County standard SCADA hardware, software and programming standards as follows:

  • Overview of the Wayne County SCADA System
  • Programmer Reference
  • Wayne County SCADA System Standards
    Note: For SCADA hardware and software, the industry has evolved since the publication of the SCADA standards. The following shows the models/versions of select SCADA hardware/software most recently installed in a Wayne County wastewater facility:
    - PLC, Allen-Bradley, Model 1769-L32E
    - OIT: Bechhoff Automation Model CP6206-0001-0010
    - OS: Windows-7, 32-bit and XP option
    - iFix Plus SCADA, Unlimited Tag, Runtime V5.5
    - Full Edition RSLogix 5000, programming software
    - RSLinx Classic Single Node

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