Sheriff's Deed Redemptions

After foreclosure, the mortgagor of property sold during an auction conducted by the Wayne County Sheriff can redeem the property by paying the seller of the property, or the seller's designee, the exact amount needed to redeem the property. Alternatively, the mortgagor can deposit the redemption funds with the Office of Register of Deeds to hold on behalf of the seller. Mortgagors, who chose to deposit funds with our office, must be certain they are depositing the correct amount owed by the date specified in the Sheriff's Deed. Our office does not calculate the amount. We will provide a receipt indicating that the mortgagor deposited the funds with us. Additionally, we will notify the seller that we are holding the redemption funds. The seller can accept the funds as the full amount to redeem the property or decline to accept the redemption funds. If a seller accepts the funds, our office will issue a check to the seller for the amount of the funds we are holding. If the seller declines to accept the funds, we will notify you in writing. Make sure you provide, and update when needed, your mailing address so we can reach you.

Sheriff's Deed redemptions and check pickup occur Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 3:30 PM, unless the office is closed for business. It is best to call in advance to schedule a time for the services because they require action by more than one staff member. The Sheriff's Deed Redemption area can be reached at 313-224-5862 or by email at