Wayne County commissioners oppose efforts to increase truck weights on county roadways

Wayne County commissioners on July 25 unanimously supported a resolution opposing any legislation that would increase the weight and length of tractor-trailer trucks that travel on county roads.

Presented by Wayne County Commission Chair Alisha Bell, D-Detroit, the resolution states that any increases beyond the current capacity of county infrastructure would cause excessive damage to roads and bridges and increase safety risks for motorists.

"We know here in Michigan what this does to our roads, and what it has done to our roads," Chair Bell said. "Safety for all drivers and our infrastructure should not be compromised and this body will not approve any legislation that calls for an increase in weight or length of trucks."

Other counties throughout the U.S. have adopted similar legislation, Chair Bell noted.

Federal Highway Administration data states there are 78 structurally deficient bridges within Wayne County. In addition, only 16 percent of the roads in Wayne County are considered to be in "good condition" according to recent data from the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG).

The resolution urges action by the Michigan Legislature and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to propose and enact legislation that would enforce strict weight limits to protect the integrity of the state's infrastructure.